A Prayer for One Who Feels Lost


As another day begins, I give myself to you, God. I entrust myself into your care, believing that any struggles that come to my way today will have the potential of bringing me wisdom. You have been my strength and my courage when my inner world has been bleak, dark and dreary. Guide me now in my time of feeling lost.

Source of light, source of love, I turn to you. Be the companion of lost part of myself as I search for what is needed in my life. Deepen my yearning for you as I wander through the twist and turn of myself.

Come be with me, Eternal Home, as I search for the road that will lead me more deeply into your heart. Take me by the hand and be radiant companion whose presence is enough to give my heart hope and vision. When I feel lost and forlorn, draw me to yourself. As I search for the unnamed pieces of my life, lead me home, lead me home.




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