I cannot speak your language /I cannot titillate /I can’t caress /I cannot give orgasmic ecstasy.

And so compared to your great lovers / Compared to your reality / I am inadequate, I am uncaring /I am irrelevant, I am untrue

Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me /I cannot speak your language  /For I am only God.

But….I speak the stars / I speak the moon /I speak the ocean, the river, and the rain /I speak the little baby /I speak the lovely rose /I speak your eyes, your hands /The beating of your heart.

I speak forgiveness, I dry the tears /I heal your wounds /I am the loving presence /I am the tender touch/When you are lost/And broken alone.

And when the numbness /And the terror of your shattered dark /Cold night is gone…/I still continue holding/Shielding warming/Your lonely frail and trembling hand.

And then… I speak the glorious sunrise! /I speak the brilliant splendor of the down! /I am your resurrection — /Come then my child /And let us start again/And let us start again.

I am eternity, I am the truth/I am the source – the meaning of all life/I am your perfect mother and father/I AM YOUR HOME ! /I speak the language of your soul /I speak the meaning of true love.

Please, please forgive me  // For I am only God.

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