5 comments on “Jalan Salib Teologi Pembebasan (Liberation Theology’s Station of the Cross)

  1. Dear Veronika

    I am Alastair McIntosh in Scotland, and a Google alert showed me to your blog and the uses you have made of the liberation theology material of Esquivel’s that I scanned and put on the web.

    I just wanted to say how very pleased I am to see that you are using this in Indonesia.

    Many years ago I travelled for 3 days on a cargo boat from Ujung Pandang to Jakarta. The Indonesian people were very kind, and the captain even insisted that we shared his cabin and food.

    Best wishes



    • Dear Sir,
      Thank you very much for your quick response. I would like to express my gratitude for the material which you published. It is inspiring me a lot. I copied it from my lecturer, Fr. Percy Bacani MJ, when studying in Pastoral Ministry Program, Atheneo de Manila University some years ago.
      I ask your forgiveness for posting it in my blog before asking your permission. I change your power point into the MS Word, so people can read it easily when opening the blog. In the end of this post, I put your URL, hope people will refer there to see the original one.
      I share it in a purpose to give inspiration to friends involving in the social empowerment in Indonesia. I hope they can arrange a liturgy of station of the cross which is agreeable with our social context in Indonesia.
      I am glad to know that you visited Indonesia. Thank you for your appreciation about our people. I live in Lampung Province, in south part of Sumatera island, just 30 minutes flight from Jakarta, the capital. I work as a lecturer in a college and also a pastoral worker in the diocese. Come again in Indonesia, don’t forget to visit me in my province. You are most welcome.
      How far we are separated, but how close we are connected by our Lord.
      United in prayers:
      Veronika Gunartati


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