Table of Hope


Lukisan ini merupakan masterpiece dari Joey Velasco, religious artist di Philipina. Judulnya adalah “Hapag ng Pag-asa” (Table of Hope), menuangkan kembali  “Last Supper,”  di sini Jesus mengadakan meja perjamuan dengan anak-anak jalanan yang kelaparan dan tersingkirkan. Narasi di bawah ini juga dibuat oleh Joey Velasco. Mungkin bagus untuk refleksi memasuki prapaska dan masa puasa.


I carry this picture in my pocket, no matter where I am, Jesus and poor kids are always in my midst.

This simple card is not a claim stub to withdraw some blessings in return. It is not a ticket to free me from guilt nor a good luck charm to protect me from harm.

It’s not even tag me as a man of charity for all the world to see. It’s simply an understanding between Jesus and me.

When I put my hand in my pocket to bring out my wallet, it is NOT  for alms-giving.

This picture just makes me remember that I must have a heart to share, that a part of me has to be offered in a simple service and deeds to the countless little children:

whose future is obscure, who suffer and shiver in the dark; whose voices are unheard; whose nightmares comes at daytime, and whose monsters are real.

It’s a symbol of my nearness to God.

So, I carry this little piece in my pocket, reminding no one but me, that I can give hope if only I CARE

–          J. Velasco


Maraming salamat kepada Esperanza Magsino, classmate-ku seorang pencinta anak jalanan di Manila, yang menyisipkan kartu dan narasi ini sebelum kami berpisah.


2 thoughts on “Table of Hope

  1. this is beautiful…….thank you for posting this with us…today’s world is so full with uncaring people…I admire the artist not only for his talent, but for his picturing Lord Jesus’ humble heart in him and his works………


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